By BiEPAG - 04 December , 2020

Public opinion on European integration in the Balkans: Still a story of passive consensus?

Public opinion on European integration in the Balkans: Still a story of passive consensus?

In October 2020, Ipsos Strategic Marketing was commissioned by the European Fund for the Balkans to conduct a public opinion survey across the Balkans. The survey was conducted on a nationally representative sample of citizens consisting of minimum 1000 respondents, who were interviewed to find out their views on issues that range from European integration and elections to civic initiatives and conspiracy theories. What has this research uncovered about the attitudes of people in the Balkans vis-à-vis their countries’ goal of membership of the European Union? Are Balkan publics still supportive of European integration? Are they content with the progress made by their countries in the process of joining the Union? What are the reasons mentioned for popular (dis)/satisfaction? How do people perceive the role of the EU in their domestic economic and political reforms? What do they think about the commitment of their national political elites to the EU agenda?

The results of this Ipsos survey will be presented at this event and speakers will analyse and discuss their implications. A new BiEPAG publication, which draws on the respondents’ answers to the European integration questions covered in this poll, will serve as a basis for the discussion.


Viola von Cramon-Taubadel
Member of the European Parliament

Dritan Abazovic
Member of the Parliament of Montenegro

Barbara Jesus-Gimeno
Deputy Head of the Montenegro Unit, DG NEAR, European Commission

Nikolaos Tzifakis
Associate Professor, Department of Political Science amp; International Relations, University of the Peloponnese, BiEPAG Member, WMCES Research Associate

Marko Kmezic
Lecturer amp; Senior Researcher, University of Graz, BiEPAG Member

Matteo Bonomi
Research Fellow, Istituto Affari Internazionali, BiEPAG Member

Corina Stratulat
Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (Moderator)