By BiEPAG - 05 May , 2015

Regional Cooperation Day in Brussels

Regional Cooperation Day in Brussels

What are the pressing issues of the Western Balkans? To map the current state of affairs and to continue to look for solutions, theRegional Cooperation Councilin collaboration with theRepresentation of the State of Baden-Württembergto the EU and theEuropean Fund for the Balkans, have initiated the Regional Cooperation Day in Brussels.

Last August, the Berlin Process started a cycle of enhanced EU engagement with the Western Balkans by placing a special emphasis on EU Enlargement. The core of the Berlin Process is regional cooperation and how it enhances peace and reconciliation and strengthens economic governance, competitiveness and sustainable growth as well as connectivity for the Western Balkans. This May 6 will be an occasion to present the current state of regional cooperation, two-thirds of the way between the Berlin and the Vienna summits.

At thefollowing linkyou can find full agenda of the Regional Cooperation Day.